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The Southern AF Podcast

Nov 1, 2018

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To fill everyone in on whats going on.

The legal entity of TWP is being sued. Since the Heimbacalypse, I took control of the organization and we filed a DBA to continue as Nationalist Initiative. The reason for doing this is so the lawyers for cville would still have to deal with us as a corporate entity. If we were to dissolve the corporation the entity would then be defined by its members and supporters as an unincorporated association where each individual would be personally liable for alleged damages. That would be anyone who was at Cville. That includes several of you reading this.

We owe money to our lawyer If we cant pay the bill we have to file for bankruptcy thus dissolving the corporation and the protections it provides as a legal entity.

*That means that every individual associated with us will have their ass on the line for court costs and anything else the plaintiffs want to charge us with.******

We've negotiated the bill down from 2350 to 1500 a month and have had Heimbach dropped from our share of the billing, he's responsible for his own financing and not covered by us. 1500 is really not that much if everyone pitches in a small bit. Me and someone else on the board have funded most of this lawsuit so far and combined have spent over 6k on this.

We're also suing the city of cville to hold them responsible for their actions.