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The Southern AF Podcast

Aug 29, 2018

This is pretty self explanatory. The description is given as an intro to the clip. Fight for your ppl, white men!

James fields is innocent!

Aug 26, 2018

In this episode of TSAF Podcast, I sit down with Mr. Tony Hovater to discuss some striking recent events, changes in society, South Africa, the tragic loss of John McCain's tumor, and much more. Tony is always a fantastic guest on any show and he didn't fail to live up to that reputation tonight. Enjoy!!!

Heres if...

Aug 23, 2018

This week on TSAF Podcast, I sit down with Roscoe Jones and Walrus Aurelius from Exodus Americanus. All I can really say about this episode is that i thoroughly enjoyed it, as is always the case when Roscoe comes to town. Hope you enjoy it too!

Find Roscoe and Walrus, along with Exodus Americanus here: 

Aug 12, 2018

In this iteration of American/Australian Alliance, I sit down with my good buddy Pando. We discuss some relations between our two nations, and some of our respective histories. I enjoyed this productive episode, and I think you will too. Don't forget to check out the Youtube channel so you can get in on the live...

Aug 6, 2018

In this episode of The Southern AF Podcast, Poseidon joins to give us some updates on current events in Europe, and some hot takes from a Greek perspective. After that, we go over some recent news stories. They get pretty triggering, then white pilling. Poseidon has absolutely blown up on Youtube recently, and he's...