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The Southern AF Podcast

Nov 12, 2018

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Nov 10, 2018

In this episode of TSAF Podcast, I sit down with Dark Enlightenment to discuss the California shooting, the elections, Tucker Carlson's house being mobbeb by antifa, and more. Then when D.E. has to dip out, a Youtuber by the name of Jennifer Veterans4Truth pops on to talk about all things conspiracy. It's a very...

Nov 6, 2018

Kaiser Peezy of Goy Talk joins me tonight for what is sure to be an emotional episode of The Southern AF Podcast. We will talk to the parents of a beautiful young woman who was killed in a head on collision with a drunk illegal invader from mexico. This invader has previously been convicted of 3 other DUI charges in...

Nov 1, 2018

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Oct 25, 2018

In this special iteration of Dingo Debates, I sit down with a guy by the name of Joseph (hes pretty much a feather nigger) to discuss whether or not the alt right is on the right wing. If you're wondering, I don't give a shit about right wing or left wing. I brought this casino dweller on to show white people who...