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The Southern AF Podcast

May 29, 2018

Greg Johnson wrote an article on why we shouldn't be supporting Tommy Robinson right now. I completely disagree with most everything he said in this article. I would normally never do this, but I think this mindset will ruin us, so I felt it necessary to make a response to it. Please take the time to listen to all of what I have to say, then think this through. This is much more important than it may seem on the surface. I did invite Greg to come on and discuss this with me, but he had previous engagements and was unable to attend. I definitely don't want to give the impression that I am going behind Greg's back or that I'm not giving him a fair hearing. I still respect Greg as one of the foremost thinkers in this movement, and he remains a hero of mine. That being said, I think he's dangerously wrong on this issue. Thanx guys, enjoy!


Greg's Article: