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The Southern AF Podcast

Nov 6, 2018

Kaiser Peezy of Goy Talk joins me tonight for what is sure to be an emotional episode of The Southern AF Podcast. We will talk to the parents of a beautiful young woman who was killed in a head on collision with a drunk illegal invader from mexico. This invader has previously been convicted of 3 other DUI charges in our country, all while here ILLEGALLY. My aim is to make this episode extremely normie shareable, so please, PLEASE share this with everyone you can. Share it to all of your social media sites. Ask all your favorite podcast hosts to pick up this story and discuss what has happened to this woman and her family at the hands of a man who should have never been here! I try not to ask much of you guys, but I'm begging you to help me get the word out on this story. Thanx in advance, guys and gals!

Video of Mr. Wishbone's confrontation with the potty-mouthed hispanic degenerate teen:

Article on the illegal invader who killed this couple's daughter:

Another article on the accident caused by the drunk driving of the illegal invader:

Links for Shirra's law (the proposed law by the family of the victim, dealing with how to go about detaining suspects involved in a fatal crash to test their blood alcohol level on scene):

Contact the useless Sheriff who let the illegal invader esc: ape to mexico: Sheriff Ed Graybeal's Office
P.O Box 1217
Johnson City, TN 37605-1217
(423) 788-1414
Email the Sheriff's office:

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