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The Southern AF Podcast

Jun 29, 2018

In this, the fiftieth episode of TSAF Podcast, I sit down with an extremely talented artist, Jon Proby. Jon is not my normal guest demographic, to say the least. He is half black, half ashkenazi jewish. Having said that, he is a far right wing fascist-leaning Californian, and a friend. I met Jon in a National Socialist-leaning facebook group, and became aware of his art talent immediately. He began painting Trump, Harambe, Alex Jones, our favorite uncle, and many more prominent right wing figures of today and throughout history. Jon has a very keen sense of self, and has used his time as a redpilled ass mother f**ker to make beautiful paintings, and come up with some pretty insightful, interesting theories on the races of man and how they differ. I must say, this was a very, VERY interesting episode and I can't convey how much I appreciate the insight I gained from it. I hope you'll enjoy it too. Thanx!

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